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You can apply directly on our responsive website by filling an online application form. You can also apply using our mobile App or visit our agent near you.

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Upload all required documents and submit for our internal processing. We commit to get back to you within 30 minutes on loan decision.

Approval & Disburse

If loan is approved, You receive your money instantly through: a) Your mobile money account b) E-wallet services c) Your bank account



Everlend was founded in 2020 and later incorporated as a company in 2021 out of the desire to address a real problem that affects millions of people across Africa: the of lack of access to affordable and convenient credit services. Most banks are concentrated in urban centres and struggle to reach remote, rural communities. Credit made Easy Equates to a dignified Life

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Our Team Mambers

Twesigye Emmanuel

Managing Director & Co-Founder - Strategy and management (Finance)

Asiimwe Daudi

CTO & Co-Founder - Product Innovation (Developer).

Nahabwe Danson

COO & Co-Founder - Branding and Marketing (Developer).

Everlend Agents

At Everlend we uniquely serve our clients through partnerships with the rural financial service providers, specifically SACCOS, Mobile money agents and merchants such as seed service providers, tractor providers among other delivery channels who are established in the community. If you want to become our Agent, Everlend is always keen to hear from reputable agents that are interested in promoting life changing Initiatives.